The rotisserie chicken at the grocery store is always so tempting – golden, glistening skin, rosemary-garlicky scent, the likes of dinner. So just buy it! It’s a wiser splurge than ice cream or a ready-meal (from a meal-planning and healthy eating perspective, anyway).

There are so many ways to re-purpose roast chicken for lunch, dinner, and everything in between. (If the recipe calls for raw chicken, when the recipe instructs to cook it, just throw in the store-bought version and only warm through.)  I frequently buy a whole chicken but my local store also offers halves, quarters, breasts, thighs, legs and wings too so just choose the cut and amount you require. We often have the hot or warm version immediately with steamed vegetables or salad and then I cool then chill the remainder for other meals during the week.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started: