***NEW*** 2nd book has arrived!

CAROL —  January 25, 2012 — 7 Comments

I am delighted to announce the publication today of my 2nd bariatric cookery book ‘Return 2 Slender Second Helpings’.


This is a companion book to the original ‘Return to Slender’. It offers yet more recipes for the weight-loss surgery patient, but also additional advice on things like eating out, ‘mindful’ eating, wise shopping choices, stepping up the exercise and that red flag warning…regain (and what to do about it!) which weren’t covered in great detail before.


This book takes over where the original left off and is intended as an additional resource for those who have had or are considering WLS. You’re strongly advised to read the first book for the basics and vital background information but I hope you enjoy the new.


My friends at Nirvana Spa have also offered a special Life/Work Balance Prize Draw to accompany the publication of the book. They are offering 2 Spa Club 12* memberships for 1 year to the lucky person whose name is randomly selected on the 29th February 2012. All you have to do to go into the hat is place an order for ‘Return 2 Slender Second Helpings’ before 28th February 2012.


The name of the winner will be announced on this website on the 29th February 2012 and the winner will be notified by Bariatric Cookery (UK) Ltd. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful Leap Year present? Who would you choose to take with you?


Each membership is worth nearly £500, so the giveaway is worth nearly £1,000.


Nirvana Spa is an award-winning UK destination (in Berkshire) that has 6 pure, natural spring-fed pools; a 53-station hydrotherapy spa; a Dead Sea floatation experience; countless treatments on offer from massage to skin analysis; amazing healthy spa cuisine for a real dining treat; and a Tepidarium with heated ceramic loungers for simply resting or taking a catnap during the day.


For those feeling more energetic there is also a superbly well-equipped gym and outside tennis courts.


DETAILS:  Spa Club 12 membership allows you to visit Nirvana Spa any day of the week subject to availability with 12 inclusive visits per membership year. These days can be taken individually or grouped together to make a mini break. More details can be seen on www.nirvanaspa.co.uk


NOTE:  Minimum age for Nirvana Spa is 16


It is my dearest wish that this new book will be just as warmly received as the original.


The book is available from this website, see the Bariatric Cookbooks page, and also from Amazon Marketplace….simply search for ‘Return 2 Slender Second Helpings’ and order through Bariatric Cookery (UK) Ltd the only seller. It’s the book with the pink cover! Amazon do not stock the book themselves so you will have to scroll down to find us on Marketplace.





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7 responses to ***NEW*** 2nd book has arrived!

  1. Anna-Lisa De Luca January 25, 2012 at 11:04 am

    Congratulations Carol on the publication of your new book.

    Can’t wait to read it, am placing my order NOW!

    Much love.


  2. Hi Carol

    As you can tell I am not very good at this computer lark and where to click to order but I would like to order your second recipe book. I need to make your banana cake since seeing you cook it on the ‘Fat Surgeons’programme.

  3. Woo hoo great news I’m going to order now as I’m already looking forward to some new scrummy recipes



  4. Jason, how amazing, was just showing my husband your pics about an hour ago and he couldn’t believe the transformation in just 4 months! You are doing so well my friend! Carol X

  5. Sheila, you can order the book off this website either on the home page or the book page. Or you can go to Amazon Marketplace. They don’t stock themselves so you will need to search the site. Type in Return 2 Slender…Second Helpings’ in the books category and click on the entry. It will then tell you that you can order through the seller Bariatric Cookery (UK) Ltd which is us! If you have problems then do email me info@bariatriccookery.com and I am sure we can sort something out. Carol

  6. Hi Carol
    I have recieved my copy of Return 2 Slender Second Helpings and I must say it is great. It has lovely recipes I also like the tea time treats you have in this book. Also my family just love the Blueberry Muffins I make. The recipe is easy to make, I found it in one of your Newsletters. I always lookforward to your Newsletter with great new dishes to make. I am still waiting to have my WLS but feel very confident I will enjoy my WLS with your help, so a very big thank you.
    Kindest regards, Jean

  7. So very good to hear from you Jean and so happy to find that the books and the Newsletter are proving helpful. I often say that even before WLS you can get into some good habits and start to prepare for the journey ahead…and you seem to be doing just that. The baked treats came about after a few support group visits…I wanted to take something along to sample and soups were ok (in a flask) but what else? A few baked treats were the answer and I couldn’t believe how popular they became…so now brownies, apple or pear cake, banana teabread and carrot and raisin muffins…bariatric-friendly of course, now have a following! Thanks for your lovely comments and support…the next newsletter will be going out soon. Hope you get your date soon too. Carol x

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